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2 Floor Minimalist House Design With Car Garage


2 Floor Minimalist House Design With Car Garage
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Building a house with a minimalist design is perfect for those of you who have small costs, even narrow land.

"Yes, a minimalist home design does not require a large fee like building a state palace. Because we can arrange the land and adjust it to the design. If you are interested in building a house with a minimalist design. This can be used as an example for your dream house.

You just have to adjust it to the existing land and this is an example of a minimalist house with a 2-story car garage.

It is quite modern and comfortable, because according to the design there is also a balcony that we can use as a place to relax while looking at the scenery in the morning and evening.

And there is a fence too, making us calmer if we have small children, because the little one can't leave the house without our knowledge.

Because it is very dangerous for him, especially if the house is close to the highway or crowds.