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Image of Modern Minimalist House Design 2 floors

Image of Modern Minimalist House Design 2 floors

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Still an example of a 2-storey minimalist home design, but this is different from the minimalist home design that I have previously discussed.

What is the difference?

It looks more modern than before, and looks more comfortable than the ones I've covered. You can taste this dream minimalist house as a home design for your home.

Look at the picture above, this 2-story minimalist house has a balcony to relax, there is a car garage too, there is a garden next to the house and there is a fence for home security, so it is quite comfortable and safe if you have small children.

I think this is quite good, and very special if we make it a place to live. We only need to arrange the room according to what we want, but also use a variety of minimalist furniture so that it doesn't take up space in the house.