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7 Modern Living Room Design Ideas With Different Styles

Deciding on a design or finding decorating ideas for a different room can sometimes be a headache, especially for the living room.

The family room is a place where we have fun chatting with relatives, neighbors, or strangers who visit our homes.

Of course, if the decor is ugly. What will the guest say?

We need to know the position of chairs, sofas, tables and others so that they look less cluttered and more alive. Because this is the most important part after color.

"Yes, we can imagine if we will have guests far away and with the roar of bad guests, then this is not a good reception and not memorable for them. Make sure you choose the right color combination, mix it with various items that you want to place in the room because this will make your living room look lively and colorful.

For that, I will share examples of living room ideas that you can use as references in creating a nicer, brighter and more colorful living room. This will impress your guests, especially those from out of town who visit our home for the first time.

7 Bright & Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

1. Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

It might be simple enough, but that doesn't mean it's bad. This living room design is quite capable of making other people who come to your house feel comfortable, with this simple minimalist living room you can feel a more lively living room.

You see, the color combination of chairs, walls, and other furniture, this can make us feel comfortable and calm when in the room. Looks bright, but full of peaceful atmosphere. This is due to the right color combination.

bright living room ideas

2. bright living room ideas

It is quite modern, because we can make a sofa like this as a bed, table and also a seat. We can use this to make our living room look brighter and more contemporary.

You can see for yourself in the living room picture above, we can feel the luxury and perfection of a room. It is lighter, has less color, but has a different comfort than a typical living room.

Simple Minimalist Living Room Ideas

3. Simple Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Pretty simple, huh? A living room like this is quite comfortable and calm, the colors of the sofa and the walls blend, as well as the color of the footwear.

This is what you need to know, because this suitable color combination will create a different atmosphere, and will not make your mind dizzy and feel at home.

Even though it is only a living room, we must be able to arrange and arrange it well. Because this is our home, so we have to know what we want, this is not a bad idea. You can imitate a living room design like this, it's quite simple and not boring.

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

4. Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

This is a great idea for the living room. Like we are in an open space, because we can see outside without any obstruction blocking our view. Because the walls are made of glass, and in the yard there is a small pond and various greenery.

The coolness feels like an open space in the middle of a comfortable and cool forest. Even though the sofa and table look ordinary, everything is quite good, especially when we can see its outer beauty while sitting relaxed.

You can make a living room with living room ideas like this, for example, made like in the wild or in the middle of the sea.

Living room with colorful furniture

5. Living room with colorful furniture

We can make a room look alive, calm, meaningful, memorable and comfortable, one of which is by playing with colors. You can buy a variety of furniture available in various stores, and choose a color that you think is suitable for your living room.

You see, the living room with a wooden sofa is also quite comfortable, plus glass walls and various other furniture. Quite impressive, and of course very comfortable and bright.

6. Living Room Full of Softness.

The living room is different from the bed, but we try to make the seating as comfortable as possible. This will make your guests more comfortable and at home.

This living room idea can be an idea for you when you are looking for living room design ideas, of the many living room ideas, in my opinion this is more than good. Featuring style and reflects softness, this can also be applied to your living room.

I don't know what you think, because everyone has different opinions. But, in my opinion this is quite impressive and good.

Modern apartment living room ideas

7. Modern apartment living room ideas

How about a living room like this? This is a family room for an apartment, if you like there is nothing wrong with following the style of living room design like this.

You can make walls of various styles and colors, luxurious according to the style you want and you can also use furniture that doesn't take up space, only a small table and a long sofa, simply decorated with a variety of other furniture to add. Beauty. from the living room.

You can imagine, what will you feel when you sit in a living room like this. Comfortable or boring? If it's boring, it means your mood is uncertain, either because it's just a breakup or something I don't know.

I feel very comfortable, because the colors are also very inspiring. Our minds become more excited to carry out various activities, this you can also apply to your workspace.