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5 Modern Minimalist Home Designs That Are Quite Luxurious

"Minimalist home design" is the most popular choice today, and many people use it to build their dream home with a minimalist design. Besides being simple, "minimalist home design" also does not require a lot of money and large space.

You can build your dream house in a narrow place, of course, with a minimalist building.

Do you want to build a house? Maybe you can make a design example for your dream home. You can find out what the plan and size x how much later or discuss with the architect of your building.

The color part is very important, because plain colors look less attractive and boring, so they can provide color variations as desired.

Modern Minimalist Home Designs That Are Quite Luxurious

Modern Minimalist Home Designs

Luxury does not guarantee happiness, in your opinion if you have a large and luxurious house, you will be happy.

This is not always the case, because there are times when this luxury means nothing. For example, for those who don't have children or don't have many family members.

By having a large and luxurious house, of course this will be very boring. Because the source of happiness is children, without children .. having your big house will make you lonely and boring.

This minimalist home design might interest you, looks modern and quite authoritative, huh? This is because color combinations are very important and know in mixing colors. Apart from the color, the appearance and pattern are also quite good, with the presence of a small staircase when entering the house makes the house even more special and looks luxurious.

Modern Minimalist Home Designs

This 2-story house is quite unique, because the basement of this minimalist house is open. What happens if there is a wind, of course all the water comes in?

But it is interesting, and different from others. You can cover it with a glass wall, so this will make your home look completely open and seem like it has no walls.

There is an outdoor swimming pool that you can use to swim when you are bored or relaxing. In addition, the lawn garden in the yard looks more attractive and feels more alive.

To be more perfect, you can add a minimalist fence from plants or wood fences, and you can also use an iron fence. And fill it with some trees, to provide natural coolness.

Modern Minimalist Home Designs

Modern Minimalist Home Designs

Modern Minimalist Home Designs

Some of these minimalist homes really feel like the outdoors, as you can see for yourself. This modern minimalist home design in 2021 is different from the others, because there are no walls and it is open.

Because it is made using glass walls, it feels like outdoors. Some have swimming pools and this makes us feel like we are in a recreation area. It's just more convenient than a restaurant or hotel.

“Yes, no matter how bad your house is, it is the most comfortable place. You can feel comfortable when staying at a 5-star hotel, but you will never feel as memorable as at home.

There is a sense of pride, especially when building a house with your own hard earned money. Which minimalist home design do you choose? Please give your comments, choose which design and give the reason why you chose the house design.