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10 Inspiration to Make a Minimalist Garden on the Home Page

 Having a beautiful garden is everyone's dream, especially for women who really like beauty.

If you are a woman who likes beauty, then you can create a minimalist garden on the back, front or side of your dream house.

By having a garden, your house will look more beautiful, beautiful and also pleasing to the eye. Of course this will show its own beauty and make your dream home even more alive.

But sometimes we feel confused. What kind of minimalist garden design is suitable and good for us to apply on our home page.

Therefore, I share with you the idea of creating a very beautiful minimalist garden, both a fish pond garden, a flower garden or a green grass garden with various plants.

You can see a minimalist garden idea below and if you are interested in making it, save it first on the printer, so you can see it at a later time.

Minimalist Garden Ideas For Your Home Page

Minimalist Garden Ideas For Home Pages

1. Minimalist garden full of flowers next to the house

You can make a garden on the side yard with ideas like this, this first minimalist garden idea is quite beautiful and makes use of various types of flowers and stones to decorate the edges of the garden.

You can see this beauty every time you open the door of the house and it will also make your dream house look more natural, cool and calm your mind.

minimalist garden ideas

2. Choose a dry garden.

You can make a garden in front of the house, this minimalist garden doesn't require a lot of money, because we can take advantage of small stones and various plants that are more resistant to dry soil.

With this minimalist garden idea, you will have an environmentally friendly space and can make your home look more beautiful.

minimalist fish pond in front of the house

3. Minimalist Fish Pond Garden

Maybe this costs more than making a garden using existing plants or natural materials that are cheap and easy to get.

The idea of making a fish pond in front of your house can be used as a reference to create a minimalist garden in front of your dream house.

You can add a relaxing place by the pool, so you can enjoy the morning with a more charming and beautiful view.

This minimalist fish pond idea is very popular, and many people like the fish pond garden design in front of the house. You can make a fish pond in front of your house according to your style and desires, it doesn't have to be exactly the same, but this can be a reference source for finding ideas for making a minimalist garden in front of the house.

Front Fish Pond Garden

4. Garden Fish Pond Dream House

Just an example, and make a difference to distinguish your pool idea from others. You can make a small pond in front of the house and at the edge of the pond, you can put various plants in pots to add to the beauty of your fish pond. The same minimalist garden idea as above, but different in style.

Minimalist garden full of flowers

5. Minimalist Flower Garden.

You can make a small fence to surround the garden, and plant grass and various flower plants in pots.

This minimalist garden idea is quite simple, you can imitate this example of a minimalist garden design, besides the cost is not large. It is also quite luxurious and can also beautify your home page. Simply fill the garden with a variety of beautiful flowers, then your home page will look fresher and more colorful.

the idea of creating a flower garden and a fish pond

6. Charming Garden And Fish Pond

You have an empty backyard and it's a shame to leave it empty without any plants or plants.

If there is, you can make a garden behind the house with a model like this. This garden style is quite good and looks more natural. You can see the beauty that results from a garden like this.

"Yes, it looks like in real nature. Determine the minimalist garden idea that suits you.

The garden is full of green grass

7. Garden full of green grass

You can create a minimalist garden behind the house or in the front yard of your dream house.

Simply using ornamental grass and beautiful bonsai plants, you can have a beautiful and very comfortable garden for your child's play area.

There are various types of ornamental grass that we can use, and this does not require a large cost. However, the initial treatment was very tedious.

Installing Hanging Plants

8. Installing Hanging Plants

If the minimalist garden in front of the house is quite wide and near the terrace of the house, you can install hanging plants.

This plant not only beautifies the house, but can also be a natural partition from dust and also people who are outside the house.

Minimalist garden in the corner of the house

10. Minimalist garden in the corner of the house

You can use the land in the corner of the house to create a beautiful minimalist garden, and you can with this one garden idea. This minimalist garden in front of a small house can be presented in the corner of the house, even though it is small, you have a green area that is enough to spoil our eyes in the morning and evening.

In the garden, you can plant medium-sized trees, flower plants, fruit plants, and others, the choices are endless and live according to your wishes.

That's the idea of making a minimalist garden in your dream home, if you want to find "Minimalist Home Design", you can find it in the previous article below. I have shared many minimalist home ideas for you here. Don't forget to save it on pinterest, so it doesn't get lost.