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2 Examples of Simple Minimalist House Building Plans

You can make this example of a simple 1-storey minimalist home design as a reference source when you want to build a minimalist home with limited funds or minimal funds.

Even though you have limited funds, you can still build a house that is quite comfortable and has several important rooms that are really needed in the house, such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

You can follow examples of minimalist home designs, and we also provide minimalist home plans, so you don't get confused in designing your dream home. If appropriate, then you just have to discuss with the craftsman who will build your house.

I give 2 examples of modern minimalist home designs that are quite simple and also have the same model, but with a different look. Please see the following!

2 Examples of Simple Minimalist House Plans & Designs

example of a simple minimalist home design

This simple minimalist home design has a complete room according to your needs, there are 2 bedrooms, 1 for children and 1 bedroom for parents. Has a kitchen, bathroom, living room.

Minimalist home design is quite simple, but comfortable enough for your home. There is nothing wrong with building a simple minimalist house like this, if funds are limited and there are not many family members. This is perfect for you to make a comfortable place to live for you.

You just need to adjust the colors and furniture according to your wishes, and you can add a garden to your home page, to enhance the appearance of your home.

simple minimalist house plan

An example of a simple minimalist home plan

This minimalist house plan is also the same as the example of a minimalist home plan above, has the same room, but has a different appearance. It's a little more modern, but simple and comfortable like the first model.

You can choose one of the 2 minimalist home designs above, and if you really want to have a minimalist house with a different model. You can find other examples of minimalist home buildings through this site and in my previous posts, I have also shared many examples of minimalist home designs for you from various models.

Not only that, I also share garden designs and examples of bedroom decorations, you can get all the information on this site, the goal is none other than for you to make a reference source when you want to have a dream home.