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My dream minimalist home design looks luxurious even though it's simple

My dream minimalist home design looks luxurious even though it's simple
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Not minimalist anymore, the picture above is a luxury home design in my opinion, because my house is not as luxurious as it is now.

There are 2 choices of my dream home design this time, and in this post I share them for you. Do you want to build a house? If so, then this design can be a consideration for you.

"Yes, I think this luxury home design is quite good and very elegant. But of course the cost to build it is also getting bigger. Because by looking at the appearance, of course you can estimate the cost to build the house.

When talking about a dream house, I want a house with a minimalist fence, has a balcony, has 2 floors, has an outdoor swimming pool, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen, a living room, a garden in the yard and a pool. small fish in front of the house.

That's my wish, and I hope I can build that dream house in the near future.

Do you also want a home design the way I want it? If so, then just look for minimalist home designs on my site. I have shared lots of modern minimalist home designs, simple minimalist home designs, minimalist gardens, bedroom decorations, dream swimming pools and more.

Well, below is a minimalist home design that captivates my heart.

Cool, isn't that the kind of house you want too?

Minimalist house design has an observation balcony

Minimalist house design has an observation balcony
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Does anyone know the approximate price of a minimalist home like the second picture above? If anyone knows, please provide your comments or feedback. I am very happy to receive suggestions, criticism and input from you.

And if you want to add something or send a post related to your minimalist home design, then you can contact me directly.

This simple minimalist home design site is where I look for food, at least I have a little income for my family from this site. Please support and share this site if you find it useful for many people, just ignore it if you don't like the site about this house.

Regarding advertisements on this blog, if you feel upset, you can skip it and if there are benefits it can be used as well as possible. Because of the advertisement, I was able to buy food for my little family. Thank you for visiting this simple blog.